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Centralised Waiting Lists Module

Waiting Lists, a module of the Community Services Suite automates many of the procedures and functions associated with the efficient management of Waiting Lists.

Major features at a glance:

  • Records details of parent(s)/children and their child care requirements
  • Records detailed information on children including:
             - Country of Birth, Ethnicity, Cultural Affiliation, Main Language Spoken and Indigenous Status
             - Year, Centre Preferences, Days and Hours Required
             - Status History and Offers Made
             - Child Medical/Additional Needs
             - Parent 1 and Parent 2 Details
             - Siblings
             - Notes
  • Record Centres:
               - Years, Ages Groups
               - Sort Order for Priority Weighting
               - Priority as per FaCHSIA Guidelines
               - Staff and their Contact Details
  • Generation of bulk mail/email outs for children on the waiting lists via Microsoft Word
  • Optional email to staff upon a child’s placement offer and/or acceptance using a user customised Word template
  • Wide variety of reporting included

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